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Media Summary - Articles on Velvet & Team Velvet

2015 NJ.COM: Stepping out in Fashion (4/2015)

2013 Horse News: Photo contest winner (See Velvet on Page 5)

New Jersey Horse News HCD (2/2013)

2005 Equine Education: Curring Edge therapy teaches patience and stronger self-esteem

Penningont Post (9/22/05)

2006 Soccer Exhibition with East Amwell School Soccer Team horse to Face Off Against Soccer Team

Horse News (March 2006)

2007 Equine Facilitated Mental Health (EFMH) and Horse Soccer for Kids

Journal of Equine Facilitated Mental Health (Summer, 2007)

2008 Trakehner Horse (Velvet) as Therapy Horses

Those Amazing Trakehners: International Sport, Show and Therapy Horses

American Trakehner Magazine (Spring 2008)

2009 Request for a Donated Farm

Hunterdon Democrat

2009International Media

Canada - Equine Wellness (November/December 2009)

Profile of a Natural Performer

Germany - Der Trakenhner (April 2010)

The Trakehner Therapist

2010 Team Velvet Looks for Permanent Home

Mid-Atlantic Horse, Lancaster Farming (March 2010)

RIngoes Horse Therapy Charity Seeks Land

Hunterdon County Democrat (March 2010)

Mental health group seeks donation of horse farm

Hopewell Express (April 2010)

This horse needs a place to party

Horse News (April 2010)

Team Velvet needs home for therapy program

Pennington Post (May 5, 2010)

Team Velvet, Inc. helps children, look for home

Bucks County Herald (July 8, 2010)

Equine program assisting traumatized children looking for home

2011 Lord Sirling Exhibition - Horses Help Kids Ride Out Stress

Courier News (7/16/2011)

Velvet's Letter to Santa...Farm Link Program gives gift of networking

Courier News (12/23/2011)

2012 NJ Farmseeker #1328, Farmlink, Internet

My Favorite Hay Man by Velvet, article submitted to Lancaster Farming for review

Team Velvet, Inc.

A Non Profit 501(C)(3)  Charitable Organization

Equine Facilitated Mental Health Services for Children

Understanding Bereavement, Giftedness, Grief and Loss, Treatment of Trauma, Adjustment Issues

velvet and susan heads only10 2020.jpg

"Our horses work in the arena of a child's heart"

Services are provided at NO CHARGE to the families.

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