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Team Velvet, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) children’s charity, EIN# 26-2167394, founded and directed by Dr. Susan Edwards, a NJ-based psychologist, License #2654.  Team Velvet provides equine facilitated mental health services for children in the 5 to 12 year old range. These therapy services are funded through fully tax-deductible donations, in-kind contributions, foundation grants, and other income streams. 


Dr. Edwards and an all-volunteer staff provide professional services to children and families at no charge.

Contact Dr. Susan Edwards directly (609-924-4330)

We are in dire need of benefactors and outright cash donations to keep our operations viable.  To donate money, simply click/select the PayPal "Donate" to use your credit card or your existing PayPal account.



Or, you can always send a check directly to Team Velvet at the address shown below.  Remember, whatever you give is fully tax-deductible!

Fully tax-deductible donations may be in the form of money, goods (e.g. horse feed and bedding hay from the local feed store), and services (e.g. veterinarian, volunteer at the farm, and events). To discuss your interest in helping our cause, please contact Dr. Susan Edwards directly or use the automated email form on the Contact Us webpage.

Program supplies to serve children who can't visit the farm in person


Donations to cover services for equine mental health therapy for children with the horses


WiFi monthly service fee for virtual Visits with Velvet for children experiencing adjustment difficulties

Video production costs - prep/filming/editing/re-filming/voiceover and post-production process/professional review at $25 an hour for a cost of about $2,500 a video. We would like to complete a series of 10-15 [15 minutes is about $2,500 with a 25-minute video approximately $5,000] videos on child mental health and a series for helping children cope, narrated by our helping horse herd with sponsor recognition included.

Videos are written by psychologist/director Dr. Susan Edwards free of charge; costs are for production.

One or more benefactors/patrons to agree to commit to an annual donated amount of $5,000 a year.

Our current wish list includes:


Financial benefactors who can share our vision as well as a love of children and animals. Such a collaboration would result in many wonderful contributions, one of which would be a written model of multi-modal horse therapy which could be replicated anywhere.

A permanent farm home (in Central NJ or Eastern PA) in which to develop a regional treatment center for child trauma and help us make a difference in the lives of more good children affected by bad circumstances.

Longer-term funding for current and future horse barn rent, utilities, and maintenance.

  • Cash donations for the feeding and caring of our dear and wonderful horses, including but not limited to:

  • Horse Feed [approx. $20 bag per week] Hay [at $5.50 approx. a bale x 2.5 bales a day]

  • De-Worming Paste for 3 horses for year-round rotation

  • Hoof dressing

  • Dengie Hay

  • Coat Conditioners [Black as Knight and Gold as Sun; Horseshine]

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  • Anti-itch powder

  • Carrots and apples

  • Fly spray

  • Horse bedding (wood shavings at $6 bag x 3 horses x 3 times per week)

  • Blacksmith care [$150 every 6.5 weeks]

  • Veterinarian care/shots [$3,000 per year inclusive for the herd]

  • Horse Dental care [$200 per year inclusive for the herd]

  • Indoor Horse Arena [$100,000 range]

  • Covered Round Pen [$15,000 approx.]

  • Truck

  • Oversize Hawk Horse Trailer for 2 horses and a mini

  • Heavy Duty Storage shelves [5 @$100 each]

  • Artificial Christmas Trees [green donations for outside display]

  • Advertising and copy services

  • Publisher for new children's therapy workbooks [$1,500 comic book format]

  • Sponsors for fundraising events

  • Personnel addition: barn helpers [negotiable]

  • Website support [$100 month]

  • Computer with software for use in video production/visual media storage./horses in costumes/fundraisers/etc.

annie wish.jpg

Little Annie, a therapy horse

Team Velvet Therapy Horse "Velvet"

Velvet, our lead therapy horse.

Team Velvet Therapy Horse "Presious"

Precious, a therapy horse.


Team Velvet, Inc.

A Non Profit 501(C)(3)  Charitable Organization

Equine Facilitated Mental Health Services for Children

Understanding Bereavement, Giftedness, Grief and Loss, Treatment of Trauma, Adjustment Issues

velvet and susan heads only10 2020.jpg

"Our horses work in the arena of a child's heart"

Services are provided at NO CHARGE to the families.

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