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A large therapy horse has penned a small picture book for children ages 4-8 reminding them of the importance of their our loving hearts. 
Called ''Tales of a Wonder Horse: The Birthday' the 25-page paperback tells the true story of Velvet, a mental health therapy horse now 18 hands tall who was very ill as a foal. Hospitalized at a horse hospital and subject to many helpers who worked to heal him, Velvet learned to understand feelings and the importance of compassion. 


The book is one of several available as part of the outreach services of Team Velvet Inc., a non-mounted horse therapy nonprofit organization in Flemington, NJ. Told from the standpoint of the horse himself, the picture book explains to children their importance in the world and the wonder of having a loving heart. 

Paperback books are available for a $15 contribution to Team Velvet (plus $2 postage if you need it mailed to you.).


Order via US mail by sending a check and your postal address to:


Team Velvet Farm

PO Box 359

Ringoes, NJ 08551 

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Children Are Treasures: A Self-Esteem Workbook for Kids 5-12. [deals with life learning to strengthen resiliency and self-confidence]


Kids Who Saved the World front cover.jpg

A hardcover book The Kids Who Saved the World [a science fiction adventure for ages 10 to 13, about the power of love and children's heroes to change the world of adults] is available for a donation of $20. Ask for shipping rates.

Santa Claus Visits Heaven Coloring Book

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This 54-page coloring book (sample pages are shown here), created by Dr. Susan Edwards, is intended to help traumatized children who have lost a parent or loved one.


Team Velvet, Inc.

A Non Profit 501(C)(3)  Charitable Organization

Equine Facilitated Mental Health Services for Children

Understanding Bereavement, Giftedness, Grief and Loss, Treatment of Trauma, Adjustment Issues

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"Our horses work in the arena of a child's heart"

Services are provided at NO CHARGE to the families.

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